Key features

  • Discriminates human and non-human visitors
  • Global visit map and individual visit path
  • Highly detailed client configuration analysis
  • Highly detailed user-agent reports
  • Highly detailed referer list with antispam
  • Group pages/referers by directories
  • Recognize printed pages
  • All reports are sortable by hits/pages/visits/..
  • Easy to install and use
  • Compatible with other statistics tools
  • High speed

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Detailed features

  • detects client configuration:
    • useragent: 139 human clients (e.g. browsers), 629 non-human clients (e.g. search engines), very low error rate (usually less than 1% of the hits)
    • operating system: 46 OS recognized, low unknown rate
    • screen size*
    • download speed
    • installed plugins: 10 plugins (eg. : Java, PDF, Flash)*
    • country detection with temporal tracking
  • special features
    • pages groups (custom & automatic for directories and dynamic pages with parameters)
    • sortable results by hit/page/visits/date/...
  • easy installation:
    • detects distant log files (eg. FTP): 3 hosting companies
    • automatic cron/scheduled task configuration
    • can read compressed log files (Zip, GZip)
  • visit map & visit path:
    • entry & exit pages
    • global visit map with the mean visit path
    • individual visit path for each visit
  • high speed:
    • parallel reverse DNS: 1000 lines/second (on a 56 K modem!)
    • fast log file parsing: more than 1'000 lines/second for large log files (with full features enabled, except DNS)
  • easy switching from other statistics tools
    • AWStats: recognise awstats_misc_tracker.js
    • process old log files easily
  • auto-update
    • ip-to-country regular updates **
    • software updates **

* requires additional script in some web pages, low overhead in page load time.
** requires an internet connection

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